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Climate Change Basics

The decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement was not backed up in science. Trump didn’t try to argue against the science yesterday in his speech instead focusing on the economics of the matter. Differing economical outlooks are expected because we do not understand our economies as well as we understand our climate. This isn’t… Continue reading Climate Change Basics

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Name Recognition

Today, I was curious. I went to the home page for the highest circulated news paper in the ten largest metro areas, two additional widely circulated national news papers, and the top three cable news providers and searched for the words “Trump” and “Clinton.” The results are presented below. News Outlet Trump Clinton New York Times 24… Continue reading Name Recognition



Today is the day. You know how procrastination can cement our plans into never-getting-that-done territory? Well today, I chiseled away the encasement that was, and my website is a reality: lives.* Who: You and other people. Perhaps an artificially intelligent being is using these words as part of an English language training set. Conceivably, these words could have… Continue reading Whowhatwherewhywhen?