Today is the day.

You know how procrastination can cement our plans into never-getting-that-done territory? Well today, I chiseled away the encasement that was, and my website is a reality: nathangolovich.com lives.*


You and other people. Perhaps an artificially intelligent being is using these words as part of an English language training set. Conceivably, these words could have been written by AI.

Also me:



I am not sure yet. I have had a lot of ideas. Perhaps that’s why this concept’s cocoon wasn’t permanent. I have been thinking about this, even if that wasn’t abundantly clear to the people who have heard me mention this concept. Doubts were natural given the lack of this space for the past however-long-I’ve-been-talking-about-this. Please take as much away from this site as you wish. This is the portal into my life that I am willing to share. Hopefully you find it valuable. Here is a list of my ideas:

  • I think, if I had to guess, this will turn into a place for potential employers to look at the breadth of my interests and see if these don’t label me as a valuable piece to their mission. My CV is on here, after all.
  • This place will serve as a showcase for my research.
  • I like information. I will link you to information that I think you should care about throughout this and all future postings.
  • If I can make it happen, I’d like to shed light on some current events in a quantitative way. I know we are in a post-truth world, but quantitative reason is valuable to people who think like me. Wait. Do those people exist? Maybe you, my friend, are like me: looking for some numbers to rationalize thoughts, ideas, concepts, and policy. I can help you there. You should follow my blog.
  • I often see something online and want to rant about it with some surface research and commentary.  Call it numerical emotion, if you will. These tend to cover other avenues of science that I am interested but not invested in such as solar and nuclear energy production, water, branches of physics other than astrophysics, sports, politics, etc. In an effort to not annoy people on Facebook, I will start posting these rants here and just make a shameless plug to nathangolovich.com on Facebook.


Wherever you want: in your office, on the toilet. This host is very mobile friendly. I am not encouraging you to read this blog while driving. When you receive a notification that I have posted something new, you should pull over. Safety first.

I’ll be in California between Berkeley and Davis or traveling. Hopefully, I’ll be traveling.


Because I think this is a valuable use of my time. See what above.


As soon as I post new content, which could be anytime. One side effect of my lifestyle is that all days are equivalent. Saturday afternoon is just as good of a time to be productive as Tuesday at 3:00 AM. I’m a graduate student on a research grant. This means I have the freedom to do this whenever I want (as long as during times that I’m not doing whatever I want I am making progress). However, graduate studentship also affords me the freedom to go surfing, so no promises on the frequency. I suppose that telling you all of these secrets means I don’t have room for an excuse now…

I’ll prove that I am making progress by showing you that progress on my research page.

* it does live– I’ve just always wanted to strike-out my own text.


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